At RBI Tournaments, we are the best specializing “A” to “AA” level Travel teams playing in our tournaments. For the All Star division, we do accept “A”, “B” and “C” level teams. Regarding Travel, we have a very detailed process for vetting teams and their status. The “other” tournaments do not vet teams. Is there a full proof system that exist where “AAA” teams can enter? Not 100%, however our process is very thorough and prevents most all the trophy hunting teams.


When Travel teams sign up, we search GameChanger, and all social media sites to verify a team’s record and the competition they have played against. If the team cannot be found, we still search to see if other teams have recorded games against the teams signing up to play. If no results are found on teams registering after this thorough search, they are given permission to proceed in playing. During the tournament, any team in doubt will be closely monitored to verify their playing level status. If deemed to be a team higher than AA status, then that team(s) will not be eligible to play with RBI Tournaments again unless a team encounters extenuating circumstances such as loss of players.

When a team completes the registration process, they will be listed for all to see. At this point, coaches are welcome to contact [email protected] if they see a team that is in question. Keep in mind, some teams start a season with every intention to be AAA, advertise as AAA, but in reality after practices and/or games, they quickly realize their status is indeed AA. This is where RBI Tournaments welcome such teams. We believe in fair competition and take every effort to make that happen so much that if an age group has 10 teams, then Gold and Silver brackets will be created. Most tournaments will only have Gold and Silver brackets with 12 to 14 or more teams. We now offer an “Open Series” twice a month for all levels, however always offer A to AA tournaments each weekend.

How are schedules determined? We first look to accommodate all schedule requests. We then look at the status of what the team selected during registration such as “A” and “AA” levels. From there, we review Game Changer and other sites to review overall records and competition played and in doing so, will lead to validating the level of status teams picked when registering. At this point, we make every effort to randomly match the “A” teams versus the “A” teams and “AA” teams versus the “AA” teams. Keep in mind, when a team does have a schedule request, that can alter the level of play meaning “A” versus “A” or “A” now versus “AA”. RBI Tournaments mission is to offer tournaments to “lower level” travel teams and although we make every effort to match teams to their playing level, “A” teams can and will play “AA” teams.


RBI Tournaments is excited to announce our new Team Rankings. After each tournament has been completed, our system will automatically calculate Team Rankings based on a point system, which teams can earn a FREE tournament entry. The system ranks each teams depending on how they fare in RBI Tournaments games by using the following criteria:

-10 points for a win
-5 points for a tie
-50 points finishing 1st place
-25 points finishing 2nd place
-15 points finishing 3rd place
-10 points finishing 4th  place
-5 points finishing 5th or greater place
-300 points earns a FREE tournament entry


IT IS REQUIRED THAT ALL TEAMS PROVIDE PROOF OF INSURANCE BEFORE PARTICIPATING. Coaches or Team Admins can log into their dashboard and click the TEAM INSURANCE button by their team and then Add Insurance.