1. Participation is strictly up to coaches and parents of registered teams. 
  2. With respect to Governor Kemp’s current executive order that limits social distancing groups to 25 or less in a single location, we ask that all team attendees be parents and siblings of players and spouses and children of coaches ONLY.  Those who are high risk or deemed to be ordered to shelter in place by the same executive order are asked not to attend.  
  3. Single location, as defined in the Governor’s executive order, means a single area where groups congregate.  It is with this definition that we assume single locations as visitor and home team bleacher and seating areas, dugouts, and the field of play separately.  Other areas designated single locations will be deemed are non-playing areas of the park (picnic areas, playgrounds, parking lots) and batting cages. 
  4. If seating space is allowable, RBI will block off the area immediately behind the backstop to spectators.  This will allow the separated attendee groups for each team to properly practice social distancing. 
  5. If you are sick, experiencing any recent respiratory illness, or are of high-risk groups that are elderly or immune compromised, please stay home. 
  6. Coaches and parents must ensure and validate via a waiver that any team member or family member that is sick are prohibited from participating. 
  7. Coaches will be asked to sign a waiver assuming all risks for their team and to have parents sign a waiver attesting to that they, attending family members, and their player are not sick, have not currently tested positive for COVID-19, and have not been in contact within the last 14 days of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  
  8. All attendees to must practice social distancing and not congregate in large groups. 
  9. All attendees with tents must limit occupancy to family members only, so as to follow state and local social distancing guidelines. 
  10. Dugouts are limited to team personnel ONLY, which means 3 coaches and players.  Team moms and team scorekeepers are to sit outside the dugout and will not be allowed inside. 
  11. Player equipment must be stored into individual bat bags and placed on the outside of the dugout fence and spaced apart. 
  12. No sharing of equipment will be allowed.
  13. When feasible, dugout areas will be expanded to allow for more distancing for the participating players. 
  14. All teams will be required to use disinfectant wipes to clean all hard surfaces – benches, bat racks, dugout handles, etc.. before and after their game. RBI will work to provide these items for each field and dugout.
  15. All teams must remove all items and trash from the dugout at the end of their game. Spectators must clear trash from the attendee areas of the field and place them in nearby trash receptacles. 
  16. No team coolers will be allowed.  It is recommended all players bring their own water bottle or bottled drinks for their own refreshment. Small personal coolers for players will be allowed. 
  17. Teams will supply their own game balls.